Phone Access

24-Hour Teller Service

If you have a touchtone telephone, you have a teller 24-hour a day, seven days a week. Telephone Access can provide balances on all savings, checking, and loan accounts, allow you to transfer loan payments, list recent checks that have cleared, assure you that your deposit was made and even send you a check from your account. It's Free to all members.

Need Help? Refer to quick reference guide below to help get you where you want to go.

  • Telephone Teller - (817) 605-1730

Quick Reference Guide
Press 1 for English
Press 2 for Spanish
Main Greeting - # - To bypass main Greeting
Main Menu for Members
Opt 1 for Account Information (histories, balances, etc)
Opt 2 for Transfers
Opt 3 for All Account Balances
Opt 4 for General Information
Opt 5 for Product Information
Opt 6 for More Choices (Change Pin)
Main Menu Opt 1 - Account Information
Opt 1 for More Details (History, Stop Checks)
Opt 2 for Transfer Money / Make Payments
Opt 3 for Select Another Account
Main Menu Opt 1 for Checking History
Opt 1 for All Transactions
Opt 2 for Cleared Checks
Opt 3 for Deposits
Opt 4 for Withdrawals
Opt 5 for More Choices (Debit & ATM Transactions)
Main Menu Opt 1 for Savings History
Opt 1 for All Transactions
Opt 2 for Deposits
Opt 3 for Last and YTD Interest
Main Menu Opt 1 for Loan History
Opt 1 for Balances
Opt 2 for All Transactions
Opt 3 for Last Payment Information
Opt 4 for Next Payment Info
Opt 5 for Last and YTD Interest
Opt 6 for Escrow Information
Account Info Opt 4 for Certificate History
Opt 1 for Balance Summary
Opt 2 for Last and YTD Interest
Main Menu Opt 2 - Transfers
Opt 1 Transfer from Current Account Selected
Opt 2 Transfer to Current Account Selected
Opt 3 Make a Loan Payment
Opt 4 Withdrawal by Check
Opt 5 Transfer to another Member’s Account
Main Menu Opt 4 - General Information
Opt 1 for Branch Hours and Locations
Opt 2 for ATM Locations
Opt 3 for Promotions
Main Menu Opt 5 - Product Information
Opt 1 for Rates and Product Information
Opt 2 Calculate a Payment
Main Menu Opt 6 - More Choices
Opt 1 Change Pin
Account Indentifiers
Savings 00
Regular Checking 71
NOW Checking 72
Ultra Checking 73
Business Checking 78
Christmas Club 51
Vacation Club 52
Traditional IRA 58
Roth IRA 59
Tax/Escrow Voluntary 67
Real Estate Escrow 69
Certificates 81-99
Loans 01-39