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Notice of Statement Fees

Effective January 1, 2012


A $1.00 per month fee will be charged for paper account statements mailed after December 21st,  2011. To avoid a statement fee, please sign up for free e-statements available through our interent home banking site. Members may be exempted under certain conditions. Senior Members over 60 will be automatically exempt.  Please help us keep the costs of operation down and sign up for e-statements today. Please check with your local branch office if you need assistance to stay fee free........


Changes to your Savings & Checking account

Effective May 15, 2011

Due to increased costs and the new regulations by Congress that have affected credit unions everywhere, we reluctantly and with great regret must adjust our prices to members to assure the greatest good and long term viability of the credit union. We will continue to provide as many free or low cost (minimal fee) services as possible.We offer free E-statement service. We offer free bill pay and home banking. But, we are increasing the minimum membership/savings balance from $20 to $50. If an account drops below the minimum during each month there will be a $5.00 charge. Also effective is a new$ 50 minimum balance to basic checking accounts to avoid a $5.00 monthly below minimum charge.  In the past, the min. balance requirement was $0.
Also each June, members savings accounts are charged an annual fee for debit cards.  This is to allow us to determine who wants to keep a card and also identify cards that should be deleted. We are charged for every card on the network. This is a one time cost each year to the member. The new fee is $5.00 (one time annual June 30th.)

Small Business accounts are charged a flat $15.00 per month. Many accounts have not  been charged this fee in the past year or so due to a promotion. This period is up and the $15.00 fee will be charged effective May 15th. The $200 minimum balance is still effective for small business accounts. $50 min. is required in the savings/membership account associated with the checking.

We rely on members who are our only customers. We ask for your support when you buy new vehicles or need a home equity loan. Loans are our primary source of income/business. We are very competitive on rates and terms. We will do our best within our means to match or beat any other offer on your auto or home.Keeping your loan local even at a comparable rate helps our local economy, employees and neighbors and helps us to keep our prices down on other products and services.

My Credit Union is not for profit and here to serve only its members.